The Wall – a constantly changing window

Te Pakitara – he ao huri noa

Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

With your contribution and my contribution, the people will thrive
Load your media, send it to the Wall


Choose media for your wall at the loading stations.
There are thousands of images and videos from around NZ.

Find the media you or your friends loaded online by entering your username. Upload your own files at the help desk.

Or create media on the spot:
- record videos and photos in the station’s web-cam
- create text messages with the touch screen keyboard

The Wall is created with layer on layer of photos, video, text – all controlled by handheld remotes.

The Our Space remote
Remix New Zealand


Your media appears instantly, floating high on the Wall.

Take a wireless remote and choose an image to VJ.

Move it, stretch it, paint it, animate it.

Erase parts of it, join it to other images.

Mash up your media to remix NZ, as you see it.

Work at the Wall and interactive sounds play with you.

Buy copies of the wall you’ve created at the help desk. Jump back in time and find it online


Upload your stuff to VJ on the day.


Visiting: This space is open to all, free of charge.



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